Information about OCC's Training Classes

In order for the OCC to continue to offer low-cost dog training as a Non-Profit Organization, we will require all people taking classes to either be full-members or to pay an annual $5 Student Membership fee. IRS requires all people participating in training with a Non-Profit Social Club to be members of the organization. This fee will be deducted from any membership dues if a Student Member decides to become a full member. Thank you for your understanding.

Training Classes will begin January 4, 2016. The Obedience Club of Chattanooga is offering seven sessions in 2016. Classes meet 1 day per week for 6 weeks. Class size is limited to no less than 3 and no more than 6 students. Additional classes will be added, if needed, to accommodate our students. Each session consists of a variety of classes. The cost of classes is as follows:

  1. Obedience classes for Regular OCC Members: $75.00
  2. Obedience classes for Student Members: $80.00
  3. Agility classes for Regular OCC Members: $80.00
  4. Agility classes for Student Members: $85.00

What class should I take?

For help deciding what class you and your dog should be in, take a look at our class descriptions and at the diagram of the progression of our training classes.


We do offer a $10 discount on consecutive classes taken with the same dog!

2016 Session Start Dates

Shot Records

YOU MUST GIVE OCC A COPY OF YOUR DOG'S CURRENT SHOT RECORDS. YOU CAN MAIL THEM TO: Susan Millican, OCC Training Director, 1622 Back Vally Rd., Trenton, GA 30752. OR, YOU CAN EMAIL THEM TO: Susan Millican.

Class Descriptions

Picture of OCC's Progression of Classes

Better Beginning Babies
This class is for puppies 8 weeks to 1 year. It is aimed at building a bond between you and your puppy; laying a foundation for a confident and well-mannered dog; socializing your puppy to other people, places and dogs; introducing basic obedience commands; and solving problems.
AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy
This class is for puppies 5 months to 1 year. It is designed to get new puppy owners and their puppies off to a great start by socializing (S) your puppy with other puppies, by training (T) you how to best communicate with your puppy, by teaching you about the amount of exercise and activity (A) your puppy needs, and by teaching you how to be a responsible (R) puppy owner.
Advanced Puppy Obedience
Pre-requisite AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy. This class is for puppies 6 months to 18 months. It is designed to teach leadership, basic obedience (sit, down, come, heel, and stay) and advanced social skills.
Beginner Obedience I
This class is for dogs 1 year and older. It introduces you and your dog to the basic obedience commands of sit, down, stay, come, leave it, and walking on a loose leash which make living with your dog easier. You will begin to learn leadership and social skills.
Beginner Obedience II
Pre-requisite Beginner Obedience I or Advanced Puppy Obedience. In this class we will continue to work on the relationship between you and your dog. We will also improve your dog's ability to sit, down, come, stay, heel on a loose leash, etc. We will begin to ask your dog to perform these behaviors under increasingly distracting circumstances. Dog-handler teams develop skills needed to progress to other classes such as CGC, Rally, Competition Obedience, and Agility.
Beginner Novice Obedience/Rally
Pre-requisite Beginner Obedience II. This class will teach you and your dog the skills they need to compete in the AKC Beginner Novice, Pre-Novice and Beginning Rally classes and obtain a title. All skills are on leash except the recall. Rally signs will be introduced and the basic skills that a handler/dog team need in order to compete successfully will be taught, if one wishes to do so. This class is also great for those who simply want to continue to build on the skills that they have learned in previous classes. This skills include loose leash heeling with sits and downs on command, long stays, turns, recalls and sitting for an exam.
Rally Obedience Workshop
Pre-requisite Beginner Rally. This class continues to emphasize the enjoyment of teamwork and communication as dog and handler team learns more signs and practices more courses for fun or competition at all levels and is a link from CGC to obedience and agility. We will not only continue to work on heeling and basic Rally coursework but we will also learn the skills needed in order to successfully navigate more advanced Rally courses. Not only will your dogs continue to hone the skills she already knows, but she will begin to learn more novel skills like some distance work and backing up on command. These classes will be taught seminar-style, beginning at 10:30 a.m.; break for lunch and relaxing at 12:00; afternoon class will begin at 1:30 and continue until 3:00pm.
Canine Good Citizen/Therapy Dog Class
Pre-requisite Advanced Beginner Obedience. This class is for those who would like to earn an AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) certification or title. Dog must be at least six months of age to be CGC tested. This class teaches your dog to sit politely for petting and grooming, walk on a loose leash through a crowd, sit and down and stay on command, come when called, behave politely around a stranger or another dog, and be confident when facing distractions or being left with a trusted person. AKC charges $8 to register after passing the test. The OCC charges $10 for non members who are not in the CGC class. NOTE THIS WILL BE A COMBINATION COURSE WITH THERAPY DOG.
Beginner Agility
Pre-requisite Beginner Obedience, Advanced Puppy Obedience, or test out. Must know sit, stay, come, and OK. Emphasis on fun, exercise, and safety on an agility course while learning how to do tunnels, the tire, hoops, the chute, beginner weave poles, and jumps. New obstacles will include the A-frame, dog walk, teeter, and the table as well as those learned in Fun Circles. Basic obedience will continue to be emphasized. You will be sequencing 3-5 obstacles by the end of this class. Will continue to emphasize basic obedience. (This is a combination of what use to be called Fun Circles and Fun Contacts)
Competition Summer Agility
This is not a drop-in agility class; you must be registered. Pre-requisite Novice Competition or be evaluated.This class is designed for individuals who are currently doing trials and need to continue working on courses during the summer. Each week a different course will be set up. Individuals in other classes may attend with permission of class instructor.
CanineFreestyle DogWork© is a performance activity for dog and human teams. Teams train movement behaviors technically, creatively and artistically. The objective is to illustrate the delight of working as a team and to participate with others in a friendly environment learning to craft DogWork Presentations. This beginning class will teach movement concepts and suggest ways for each team to build a movement vocabulary. Also taught will be basic choreography to begin crafting the DogWork Presentation. Dogs should already be able to heel, come and stay. Off-lead work is ideal, but on-lead is permissible. Handlers should wear close-toed shoes with backs and be prepared to get on the floor. Lots of high-value treats are a must. To see examples of teams performing in this sport visit