Who We Are
The Obedience Club of Chattanooga is a non-profit organization offering affordable training classes to the public. Advanced classes are also offered for the serious performance dog competitor. Click to see an overview of how to sign up for classes.


SESSION 1. Jan 7 - Feb 15 (Registration Opens to Regular Members Dec. 24 & Student Members & Public Dec. 31)

SESSION 2. March 4 - April 12 (No indoor classes the week of March 11 due to Rally Trial Mar 16 & 17) (Registration Opens to Regular Members Feb 18 & Student Members & Public Feb 25)

SESSION 3. May 6 - June 14 (No classes May 27 due to Memorial Day ) (Registration Opens to Regular Members April 22 & Student Members & Public April 29)

SESSION 4. July 1 - Aug. 9 (No classes July 4) (Registration Opens to Regular Members June 17 & Student Members & Public June 24)

Special Workshops & Seminars Aug. 12 - Aug. 30 - TBA

SESSION 5. Sept. 2 - Oct. 11 - (No classes Sept 2 due to Labor Day) (Registration Opens to Regular Members Aug 19 & Student Members & Public Aug. 26)

SESSION 6. Oct. 28 - Dec. 6 - (No classes Nov 28 for Thanksgiving; Note with Week of Dec. 9-13 for those missed due to Thanksgiving) (Registration Opens to Regular Members Oct. 14 & Student Members & Public Oct. 21)


MEMBERSHIP MEETING - January 4, 2019

We normally meet on the first Friday of each month, with the exception of July (when we have our 4th of July picnic) and December (when we have our Christmas Party).

Please mark your calendar for our next Membership Meeting on January 4, 2019. We will begin with a Potluck Dinner, immediately followed by our Membership Meeting at 7:00. All Members (both two-legged and four-legged) are welcome!


We are a Non-profit Club; therefore, you must be a member to take classes. Membership types are:
$25.00 yr. Individual or $35.00 yr. Household REGULAR MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS: *Early Bird Registration *Discount Registration Fees for ALL classes *Earn a free class through volunteer hour credits: volunteering to help at our annual show, at practice matches, and other activities. *6 volunteer hours equals 1 free class per year per membership. *ALSO, after paying for any 5 classes, you receive a considerable discount on all future classes: Obedience $50 Agility $55, as long as you remain a member. (Please notify the Training Director when you sign up for your 5th class) * Voting rights *Make friends with people who share in your ‘doggy’ interests. *Support our work in the community that helps dogs become good citizens and stay in forever homes. **Please note, in order to keep all benefits you must print and bring your membership application to our monthly meeting, first Friday of each month, within two months. Otherwise, your membership will be downgraded to Student Membership and you will lose all membership benefits after two months.**

$15.00 ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP - All Regular Membership Benefits EXCEPT voting rights. **Please note, in order to keep all benefits you must print and bring you membership application to our monthly meeting, first Friday of each month, within two months. Otherwise, your membership will be downgraded to Student Membership and you will lose all membership benefits after two months.**

$5.00 yr. STUDENT MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS - Only qualifies you to take any OCC class. If you decide to become a Regular Member, we will credit your $5.00 toward the Regular Membership fee.



Sharen Fisher and Quinn (Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier). Quinn received his Performer Elite certificate and his farm title. He and Sharen also traveled to Montgomery PA and brought home the prestigious Wheaten Ambassador of the Year Award, which was awarded to him by the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club of America (SCWTCA).

Jamie Morgan and Storm (Miniature Schnauzer). Storm completed her CGC Advanced in late October.


Sue Van Buren - Carl (Golden Retriever) earned his Rally Advanced (RA) title. Carl Q’d twice at the Atlanta Golden Retriever Club Specialty. His final run earned him a 3rd place with a 98 point score.

Paula Lynch - Ziva (goldendoodle) earned her Agility Excellent Standard title with 2nd place.

Chris Bowker - Clark (Toy Fox Terrier) got his third and fourth RAE legs with placements in both shows. Tyler also got his Trick Dog Novice. Clark (Toy Fox Terrier) qualified in his very first scent work match.

Meredith Rambo - Rita and Geordie (Bedlington Terriers) also scored well in Rally this past month. Rita scored a 99 in her class, and Geordie scored a 97.


Elaine Robinson - Jenga (All American Dog) got her AKC Trick Dog Novice and Intermediate Titles

Helen Aiken - Randy (Rat Terrier) came out of retirement to get his novice and advanced Trick Dog.

Sharen Fisher - huge brag on Quinn (soft coated Wheaten Terrier). Quinn was awarded the prestigious Wheaten Ambassador Award by the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club of America (SCWTCA):

"This year's winner is Sharen Fisher/Margaret Snow and GCH CH Dromara's Huggable Quinn RN, THDA, CGCA, CGCU, TKA. They are members of the Alliance of Therapy Dogs and a member of HOPE (Animal Assisted Crisis Response Team) responding to wildfires and tornado destruction in both Florida and Georgia. Quinn has also been a busy boy visiting hospitals, schools and libraries with his owner. He is also a neutral testing dog for the Alliance of Therapy Dogs. Please join me in congratulating this very deserving team."

JUNE 2018

Laurie Thompson - Shiner (Labrador Retriever) completed his UKC championship; and Maggie (Labrador Retriever) finished her Trick Dog Novice title.

Helen Aiken - Rosie (Rat Terrier) completed her Intermediate Trick Dog and CGC; Randy (Rat Terrier) received his Intermediate Trick Dog.

Pam Moore - Pecos (Australian Shepherd) recently got his Excellent FAST title; Sophie (Miniature Schnauzer) got her PAX3.

Jamie: Knox (Toy Poodle) earned his Excellent Standard and Excellent JWW. Storm (Miniature Schnauzer) earned her Trick Dog Novice at the age of 4 months; and also got her CGC last week at 5 months.

Sue Van Buren: Carl (Golden Retriever) qualified for his first leg in Rally Advanced.

MAY 2018

Sue Van Buren: Carl (Golden Retriever) has received the following titles and honors: AKC Trick Dog Advanced, ATD Certificate for 200 Therapy Dog Visits, AKC Therapy Dog Excellent (200 Visits) w/ an AKC Silver Medallion

APRIL 2018

Sharen Fisher: Quinn (Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier) has completed his 400th therapy dog visit and was also on the "Pay It Forward" News Channel 9.

Linda Maddox: Ellis (Russell Terrier) received his Open Agility title.

Paula Lynch: Ziva (Goldendoodle) earned her Novice Agility Standard and her Rally Novice, with blue ribbons in both.

Helen Aiken: Rosie (Rat Terrier) got a 3rd and 1st place in Rally here at OCC last month; Rocky (Rat Terrier) got a 3rd and 4th place.

MARCH 2018

JoAnne Davis: Shaonia has completed the top number of visits from the time she was qualified as a therapy dog until she received the top title for therapy dog work through Alliance of Therapy Dogs...that's 400 visits!

Sharen Fisher: Quinn has completed 354 visits and is also closing in on that top therapy dog title.


Helen Aiken: Out of all the dogs for Rally Nationals, there are only 7 Rat Terriers in the entire nation, and her Rocky is one of them. They will be going to Wilmington in June.