Who We Are
The Obedience Club of Chattanooga is a non-profit organization offering affordable training classes to the public. Advanced classes are also offered for the serious performance dog competitor.

March Rally Trial and 2017 Session Schedule & Registration Dates


WHEN: February 25th
ONSITE REGISTRATION at 7:30 (NO preregistration, ONLY Onsite)
WHAT: Open & Utility at 8:00 Novice & Rally at 10:30
COST: $5.00 per run


OCC is holding upcoming Rally only trials: two trials Saturday, March 18, 2017 and two trials Sunday, March 19, 2017. To be held at the OCC building in Flintstone, Ga. Get the Premium: Click me to go to the site


SESSION 1 Jan 9 - Feb 17
(Registration Opens to Members Dec. 19 & Public Dec. 26)

SESSION 2 March 6 - April 14
(Registration Opens to Members Feb 13 & Public Feb 20)

SESSION 3. May 1 - June 9
(Registration Opens to Members April 10 & Public April 17)

SESSION 4. June 26 - August 4
(Registration Opens to Members June 5 & Public June 12)

SESSION 5. August 21 - September 29
(Registration Opens to Members July 31 & Public Aug. 7)

SESSION 6. October 16 -Nov. 24 or Dec 1
(Registration Opens to Members Sept. 25 & Public Oct. 2)

OCC Monthly Meetings

OCC meets the first Friday of each month

5:00 - Board Meeting
6:00 - Setup for dinner
6:30 - Potluck dinner (OCC provides the main dish - bring a side dish to share)
Meeting begins immediately after dinner

We hope to see you all there!

OCC & Operation Freedom Dogs (OFD)

OCC partners with OFD (Operation Freedom Dogs) to offer a class to approved Military Vets starting in Session 1. OCC will provide specific training via the Collaborative Vet's class. This class will only be open for OFD approved Vets. Adam Keith, Founder of Operation Freedom Dogs, will be responsible for the application process, financial support to pay for OCC membership and registration fees for all Vets in the class, as well as, holding Vets accountable for attending class and following all OCC guidelines. We are extremely excited and honored to be part of such an impactful opportunity to give back to those who have given so much for our freedom. A big thank you to the following OCC members have graciously volunteered their time to honor these Vets: Katherine Taylor Worth - Instructor Susan Millican - Co-instructor. Linda Maddox - Co-instructor & advisor, (technicalities of clicker training & writing curriculum) Julia Gregory - Instructor, running the second half of the class, focusing on exercises that build the bond between handler and dog, and the teamwork between them. JoAnn Davis- CGC prep instructor & dog fostering Devon Brooks - Liaison and legalities of the group are on the up and up and that there aren't any red flags. Also a CGC test evaluator Fay Taylor - Co-instructor, with Julia for the second part of the course, if need be. Also a CGC test evaluator. Pete Moore - Retired Vet & club member - advisor and liaison with the students. knows the population well. Will be watching the students and helping evaluate how they are doing with the curriculum and advising instructors on streamlining training for this particular population and class For more information about OFD go to: http://www.operationfreedomdogs.com/


We are a Non-profit Club; therefore, you must be a member to take classes. Membership types are:
$25.00 yr. Individual or $35.00 yr. Household REGULAR MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS: *Early Bird Registration *Discount Registration Fees for ALL classes *Earn a free class through volunteer hour credits: volunteering to help at our annual show, at practice matches, and other activities. *6 volunteer hours equals 1 free class per year per membership. *ALSO, after paying for any 5 classes, you receive a considerable discount on all future classes: Obedience $50 Agility $55, as long as you remain a member. (Please notify the Training Director when you sign up for your 5th class) * Voting rights *Make friends with people who share in your ‘doggy’ interests. *Support our work in the community that helps dogs become good citizens and stay in forever homes. **Please note, in order to keep all benefits you must print and bring you membership application to our monthly meeting, first Friday of each month, within two months. Otherwise, your membership will be downgraded to Student Membership and you will lose all membership benefits after two months.**

$15.00 ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP - All Regular Membership Benefits EXCEPT voting rights. **Please note, in order to keep all benefits you must print and bring you membership application to our monthly meeting, first Friday of each month, within two months. Otherwise, your membership will be downgraded to Student Membership and you will lose all membership benefits after two months.**

$5.00 yr. STUDENT MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS - Only qualifies you to take any OCC class. If you decide to become a Regular Member, we will credit your $5.00 toward the Regular Membership fee.

Class Credit/Attendance

Since we are a club and anyone taking a class is a member, you will need to log the dates you attend class in order to get credit for the class. You must attend at least 4 out of the 6 classes. Once you log your attendance, it will give you credit for this course, notify the Vice President to print you a class completion certificate, and open the next level course for you to take.

Agility Class Crates

All Agility Courses require that you bring a crate for your dog to each class. If you are in need of a crate, the Humane Society of North West Georgia has an abundance of used crates for sale at a great price. You may contact them at devonbrooks56@gmail.com


PAM MOORE - "SOPHIE" earned her MJPS (Master Jumpers Preferred Silver) title.

VALERIA TAYLOR and "DOMINIC" who have earned their MACH 5! Last weekend at MOTC, Dominic earned two more QQ with three seconds and one first place.

JAMIE MORGAN - "REMI" completed his excellent standard title and also has gotten his first master standard leg and two more masters jumper legs and got his first QQ!

JAMIE MORGAN - "REMI" received his Master's Jumpers Title; He qualified 4 of the 6 classes and got a 2nd place and two 4th places; and earned 50 points towards his Champion Title!

TINA GROSS with "HOLLY" qualified in all three trials in Preferred Novice earning three 1st places and a title ribbon.

HELEN AIKEN with "ROCKY TOP" qualified once in Novice Obedience and qualified twice in Rally Excellent B with a 2nd place finish with a score of 98 in Rally Excellent on Saturday morning.

CHRISTINE BOWKER showed MEREDITH RAMBO's dog "GEORDIE" in Rally Novice B in all three shows, qualified all three times to earn a title ribbon. On Saturday morning they placed 1st with a score of 100 and on Saturday afternoon they placed 2nd with a score of 97.