Who We Are
The Obedience Club of Chattanooga is a non-profit organization offering affordable training classes to the public. Advanced classes are also offered for the serious performance dog competitor. Click to see an overview of how to sign up for classes.

2017 Session Schedule & Registration Dates


SESSION 1 Jan 9 - Feb 17
(Registration Opens to Regular Members Dec. 19 & Student Members & Public Dec. 26)

SESSION 2 March 6 - April 14
(Registration Opens to Regular Members Feb 13 & Student Members & Public Feb 20)

SESSION 3. May 1 - June 9
(Registration Opens to Regular Members April 10 & Student Members & Public April 17)

SESSION 4. June 26 - August 4
(Registration Opens to Regular Members June 5 & Student Members & Public June 12)

SESSION 5. August 21 - September 29
(Registration Opens to Regular Members July 31 & Student Members & Public Aug. 7)

SESSION 6. October 16 -Nov. 24 or Dec 1
(Registration Opens to Regular Members Sept. 25 & Student Members & Public Oct. 2)



We normally meet on the first Friday of each month.

We will meet at the OCC training building in Flintstone. 6:30 - Potluck dinner. Please bring a side, dessert, or drink to share. The Membership Meeting will begin immediately after dinner.

We hope to see you all there!


We are a Non-profit Club; therefore, you must be a member to take classes. Membership types are:
$25.00 yr. Individual or $35.00 yr. Household REGULAR MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS: *Early Bird Registration *Discount Registration Fees for ALL classes *Earn a free class through volunteer hour credits: volunteering to help at our annual show, at practice matches, and other activities. *6 volunteer hours equals 1 free class per year per membership. *ALSO, after paying for any 5 classes, you receive a considerable discount on all future classes: Obedience $50 Agility $55, as long as you remain a member. (Please notify the Training Director when you sign up for your 5th class) * Voting rights *Make friends with people who share in your ‘doggy’ interests. *Support our work in the community that helps dogs become good citizens and stay in forever homes. **Please note, in order to keep all benefits you must print and bring your membership application to our monthly meeting, first Friday of each month, within two months. Otherwise, your membership will be downgraded to Student Membership and you will lose all membership benefits after two months.**

$15.00 ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP - All Regular Membership Benefits EXCEPT voting rights. **Please note, in order to keep all benefits you must print and bring you membership application to our monthly meeting, first Friday of each month, within two months. Otherwise, your membership will be downgraded to Student Membership and you will lose all membership benefits after two months.**

$5.00 yr. STUDENT MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS - Only qualifies you to take any OCC class. If you decide to become a Regular Member, we will credit your $5.00 toward the Regular Membership fee.

Class Credit/Attendance

Since we are a club and anyone taking a class is a member, you will need to log the dates you attend class in order to get credit for the class. You must attend at least 4 out of the 6 classes. Once you log your attendance, it will give you credit for this course, notify the Vice President to print you a class completion certificate, and open the next level course for you to take.

Agility Class Crates

All Agility Courses require that you bring a crate for your dog to each class.



Sue Van Buren and Carl (Golden Retriever) have been busy! Carl has earned his CGC, Sue and Carl became an Alliance of Therapy Dogs team, and Carl earned his AKC Trick Dog Novice and Intermediate Titles. Congratulations, Sue and Carl!

Congratulations to Sharen Fisher and Quinn (Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier). Quinn received his AKC Tricks Performer certificate this past month.

Jan Webster - Merry Noel (Sheltie) earned her CGC. Congratulations, Merry!

Jamie Morgan - Remy (toy poodle) earned another Master Standard run for Agility; earned his open rat for Barn Hunt; and earned his AKC Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced Trick Dog titles. Knox (toy poodle) also earned his AKC Novice Trick Dog title. Congratulations Jamie, Remy, and Knox, on all your accomplishments!

JUNE 2017

Katherine Taylor-Worth's Hal (All-American Dog) and Stoner (Greyhound) earned their AKC Trick Dog Novice.

Susan Millican’s George (Jack Russell) earned his AKC Trick Dog Novice and Intermediate.

Paula Lynch’s Ziva (Goldendoodle) earned her AKC Trick Dog Novice and Intermediate.

Sharen Fisher's Quinn (Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier) was nominated for Wheaten of the year for 2016.

Meredith Rambo's Geordie was the #1 Rally of the year for Bedlington Terriers.

MAY 2017

Laurie Thompson thanked Katherine, Fay, and Susan for helping her to get her training hours and now she is officially CPDT-KA certified.

Fay Taylor’s Titus achieved his AKC Trick Dog Intermediate and Trick Dog Advanced qualifications.

Bad Dog Agility Power Dogs Ranking for 8“ Preferred - Valerie Taylor’s Ava # 1 and Jaimie Morgan’s Remi # 4

Jamie Morgan’s Remi (Toy Poodle) earned his RATN Barn Hunt Novice Title

APRIL 2017

Valerie Taylor's Xan (Toy Poodle) earned his Agility Novice Standard title in Perry, Georgia in early March.

Fay Taylor’s Titus earned his AKC Trick Dog Novice Title.

Sharen Fisher's Quinn (Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier) and Helen Aiken's Rocky (Rat Terrier) each earned their Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced AKC Trick Dog titles.

Sharen's - Quinn (soft-coated Wheaten Terrier) finished his 100th therapy visit and they have applied for his advanced therapy dog.

Elaine Robinson's Jinga (All-American Dog) received High in Trial Novice at the ASCA Agility Trial. They also participated in the AKC trial at PDX and received two perfect scores in Novice Agility!

Linda Maddox's Ellis (Jack Russell Terrier) was High in Trial Open at the ASCA Agility Trial and picked up several legs in Open at the AKC Trial.

Helen's Rocky (Rat Terrier) picked up three legs at the March AKC Trial.

Laurie Thompson's Si (Laborador Retriever) finished in the top 20 in Perry Georgia last month.

MARCH 2017

Susan Millican's George (Jack Russell Terrier) was named Erlanger's Therapy Pet of the Month. His official poster is displayed in the OCC Building.


Helen's Raganrat Rocky Top "Rocky" (Rat Terrier) earned 3 legs for his Rally Advanced Excellent (RAE).

Linda's "Ellis" (Jack Russell Terrier) earned his AKC Novice Standard title at HOTC. He completed his title with two first place runs!

Jan Hair's "Max" earned his Therapy Dog certification with Therapy Dogs International on Feb. 24th.

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