Cost: $10 for Regular Members, $15.00 for Student Members

Minimum Age 2 months


This seminar is an opportunity to allow your puppy to play with other puppies, off-leash, in a safely supervised environment. Off leash play with other dogs is an important way for your dog to learn safe and appropriate social skills. In this seminar, we will have an experienced trainer watching and helping your dogs interact constructively, as well as talking to all of us about the kind of body language that we will be witnessing and what is a good interaction and what is not. This seminar is open to puppies 8 weeks and older with 2 sets of shots. Come join us! Weather permitting, this seminar will be held outdoors on our agility field. There will be kiddie pools for the puppies (please bring a towel) and Sno-Cones for both people and dogs. Regular members are $10.00 and Student members are $15.00.