Prerequisite Class: Beginner Obedience 1

Cost: $85 for Regular Members, $90.00 for Student Members

Minimum Age 1 years


This course is six weeks, three weeks at OCC on Mondays at 6:15-7:15 pm and the final three weeks at a farm on Fridays at 6:00 pm. The Farm Dog class will prepare you to take the AKC Farm Dog Certified test. We will practice twelve exercises: greeting a judge, performing a walking pattern around a farm environment, jumping on a hay or a straw bale, walking by farm animals, walking over and through unusual surfaces, remaining calmly in a supervised separation, passing through a gate, feeding livestock while the dog waits in a controlled position, heeling calmly past another dog, being composed around noise distractions, approaching livestock, and quietly allowing for a physical examination. Farm Dog class will represent situations a farm dog would encounter in a typical farm environment. The basic test requirements are designed to demonstrate the self-control and obedience, which are necessary and vital for the welfare of both the dog and the livestock. It is also intended to show the dog’s ability to cope appropriately with potentially unique environments. These traits and foundational training are vital to a working farm dog as well as to the welfare of the livestock. This class provides an opportunity for the dogs to apply their basic training in a novel environment, demonstrating their natural capability and trainability to work in partnership with their human companions. What you need to bring: your dog; a four to six foot leash; a secure, well-fitting, flat collar; a can-do attitude and a spirit for adventure!