Prerequisite Class: Beginner Obedience

Cost: $90 for Regular Members, $90.00 for Student Members

Minimum Age 1 years


Come spend some quality time with your pooch which you’ll both enjoy! It’s a great opportunity to train with positive reinforcement and strengthen the bond between human and animal companion while giving your dog a complete overall body workout. This class is co-taught by Stacey Whited and Cassie Englert, Physical Therapist from VCA River. Improved body awareness, core strength and aerobic exercise are often overlooked when training the canine athlete and weekend warrior. Conditioned dogs are healthier and perform better with fewer occurrences of injury and recover more quickly. This canine conditioning program is designed to improve the following: · Trunk & Core Strength · Balance & Coordination · Flexibility & Range of Motion · Confidence in movement · Body Awareness · Human/Animal Bond No volunteer hours can be used for this class. There is a full charge of $90.00 per dog in the class. $55.00 goes to OCC and $35.00 goes to Cassie Englert..