Why should I join the Obedience Club of Chattanooga?
Because we are an AKC club, you must become a member in order to take classes.

Student Members ($5/yr) are eligible to sign up for classes. Regular Members (Associate $15/yr, Individual $25/yr, or Household $35/yr), you will be entitled to Early Bird Registration and registration discounts on all classes. After paying for 5 obedience and/or agility classes, you will receive a considerable discount on classes. Most classes will cost $55 for as long as you are a member.

As a member you can also earn free classes. 8 volunteer hours from helping at Trials, C Matches, and other club activities equals one free class.

**Please note, in order to keep all benefits you must print and bring your membership application to our monthly meeting, first Friday of each month, within two months. Otherwise your membership will be downgraded to Student Membership.
I have a new puppy, what class should I take?
Puppies and Dogs are placed in classes according to their age. Please see our progression charts, located under Our Classes.
What if my dog already knows how to sit, down, roll over, etc but has never taken a class?
While most dogs will obey commands they learned at home in their home, most will not obey them consistently when out in public with distractions. So please go by your dog/puppy age and sign up for the beginner course for that age. For more details, please refer to our Obedience Progression Chart under Class Information.
I want to register for a class but the course I want is not listed in the Class Schedule Page. What do I do?
This class may not be offered in the current registration session. You will need to choose another course that is appropriate for your dog according to age and previous courses or wait until the next session.
What if I have questions or problems registering online for classes?
Please send email to the Training Director at trainingdirector@chattanoogaobedienceclub.org. We will look into it and get back to you.
What shots does my puppy need to begin classes?
Your puppy will need 2 sets of Puppy Shots at least 10 days prior to the first night of class. Older puppies may require additional shots as shown below:

6 wks old: 1st set DA2PP (DA2PP = Distemper, Adenovirus type 2, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza)
9 wks old: 2nd set DA2PP
12 wks old: bordetella (kennel cough), DA2PP booster
15 wks old: Rabies, DA2PP-L Booster

Puppies must receive their 2nd set of shots at least 10 days prior to coming to first class.
Puppies must have rabies before 16 wks old

Owners are encouraged to attend class without your pup, until your pup is ready. You will get valuable information, techniques, puppy raising help, and strategies that you can learn and use at home. And when your puppy’s vaccinations are up to the requirement, bring your pup to class for the socialization practice.

Please also read “Immunization” under Pre-Class Prep.
When does my puppy need a rabies vaccination?
Your puppy must have had a rabies vaccination before 16 weeks of age.
Can I use the puppy health booklet as proof of puppy shots and the rabies vaccination?
No. The OCC requires copies of the invoices from your veterinarian documenting when the shots were given—not reminder dates. If you got your puppy from a breeder or rescue that gives their own shots, we will need a copy of the stickers on the vials with their lot numbers and expiration dates.
What shots does my adult dog need in order to take classes?
For insurance purposes, we must have up-to-date shot records on file before your dog can enter the OCC building or agility field.

We require proof of the following immunizations annually for adult dogs:

     Bordatella (Kennel Cough)
     Distemper Combo (either 5-in-1 or 7-in-1 combo)

To upload your dog's shot records (rabies certificate and receipt(s) from your veterinarian), log onto our website and go to your profile. Scroll down to "Your Registered Dogs" and click "Edit" next to the desired dog. Click "Yes" next to "Would you like to update your pet's vaccination records at this time?" The website will walk you through the process of uploading your shot records electronically. If you have trouble uploading your dog's shot records, you may email them to shotrecords@chattanoogaobedienceclub.org.

If you are not able to upload your shot records at least two days before the first day of your class, please hand-carry them with you to class and turn them in to your instructor.
What if my dog is not registered with the American Kennel Club?
Registering with AKC is not required. We welcome all dogs.
What if I miss the first class?
Most instructors will catch you up. The Instructor's email is listed on the webpage under About Us -> Meet Your Instructors. Please email your instructor to let them know you will miss the first class. If your puppy does not yet have his vaccinations; or if you have not yet turned them in, you are encouraged to attend the first class without your pup. You will get valuable information, techniques, puppy raising help, and strategies that you can learn and use at home.
What if I will miss the first 2 classes?
Please wait and sign up for the next session of classes. If you have already registered for a class and find that you will miss the first two classes, please contact our Training Director (trainingdirector@chattanoogaobedienceclub.org) BEFORE THE SECOND CLASS. You may either request a refund or ask to be deferred to the next session.
Can I miss the first Puppy Preschool class because my puppy needs his second puppy shot?
In this case you are encouraged to attend class without your pup, until your pup is ready (at least 10 days after his/her second set of puppy shots). You will receive valuable information, techniques, puppy raising help, and strategies that you can learn and use at home.
Why is Puppy Preschool such an important class for a young puppy?
Puppy Preschool is an important class for both puppies and their handlers, and sets a strong foundation for all other obedience classes. Raising a puppy isn't easy but you are not alone. Join our experts as they take you through socialization, potty training, playbiting and how to prevent fears and phobias! Each class is action packed with information and activities - and as if that isn't enough, puppy play rounds our your evening, creating a tired puppy while you learn to shape fair and appropriate play! Class is 90 minutes and includes handouts and one-on-one assistance, if you need it. We're here to help! Join us for a great learning experience.
Can my 10 year old child bring his dog to class?
We require children to be at least 12 years of age. They must be able to control their dog and accompanied by a parent or guardian who will remain in the building with their child at all times. Please contact your Instructor or our Training Director for a waiver if your minor child(ren) will be handling your dog.
How does my dog become a therapy dog?
Your dog must have appropriate obedience training and a CGC title before taking the therapy dog class. Please read the class descriptions on our website with each class's prerequisites.
My dog has taken classes other places, do I have to start over?
Not necessarily, but our training director may want your dog to be evaluated prior to signing up for a class.
What can I do if my dog is showing signs of aggressive behavior around other people and/or dogs?
If your dog has not bitten anyone, you are welcome to speak with the instructor that teaches the course you would like to enroll in. An in-person assessment may be required to determine if your dog poses a risk to the other dogs' ability to pay attention in class. Please contact our Training Director (trainingdirector@chattanoogaobedienceclub.org) or the listed instructor for that class to discuss your dog's behavior.

If your dog is reactive (appears "aggressive" and scary on leash) but isn't showing any other signs of aggression and has not bitten a person nor attacked another dog, then we recommend that you start with our Reactivity Desensitization Sessions that are specifically geared for this type of behavior. Please be advised, however, that the instructor of this class may require some obedience training before you can attend Reactivity Session and you may need to engage a private trainer for a couple of lessons first. These classes are only offered in the cooler months and sessions do book up quickly.

If your dog has attacked another dog either on- or off-leash, we recommend a private trainer. We recommend Demaree Clay (bowwowpals@gmail.com), an applied animal behaviorist and former instructor at the National K-9 School for Dog Trainers.
If I am not 18 years old, how can I sign up electronically?
You must have a parent or guardian sign up and be with you in class.
I am looking to get my dog trained as a SERVICE DOG. Do you do that?
No. There is no one in this area that does but here is a link that may help: pawswithacause.org
How do I register for a class?
     1. Create a Membership (IF you did NOT do this already) OR Login
     2. Add your dog to your profile - (You will not be able to register unless you do this)
     3. Click “OUR CLASSES” link at the top of the homepage
     4. Click on “CLASS REGISTRATION” tab
     5. Choose a class and click the “sign up” blue button on the right
     6. Select which dog to sign up for this class
     7. Select your payment type
     8. Click in the box that you agree to the waiver
     9. Click the green “sign up” bar at the bottom of the page

If you have questions or trouble signing up, please contact trainingdirector@chattanoogaobedienceclub.org.
How do I see the classes I registered for?
     1. Log in
     2. Click “my profile” in the top right corner
     3. Scroll down and you will see “Currently Registered Classes”
How do I log my attendance?
     1. Log in
     3. Scroll down and you will see “Currently Registered Classes”
     4. Click the “log hours” green button on the right
     5. Enter the date you attended class
     6. Click the “update hours” green button at the bottom
How do I get a certificate for completing a class?
YOU must log 4 out of 6 classes that you attended.
     1. Log in
     2. Click “my profile” in the top right corner
     3. Scroll down and you will see “Currently Registered Classes”
     4. Click the “log hours” green button on the right
     5. Enter the date you attended class
     6. Click the “update hours” green button at the bottom

For AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy - you must attend all 6 classes and pass the S.T.A.R. Puppy Test in order to receive a certificate from the AKC.

For all questions about class certificates contact vicepresident@chattanoogaobedienceclub.org
How do I use my volunteer hours to pay for a class?
Thank you for serving our club as a volunteer!
You must log your volunteer hours at least 2 days before you can claim them:
     1. Log in
     2. Click “My Profile” in the top right corner
     3. Scroll down and you will see "Volunteer Hours" - You must have 8 total hours to pay for a class.
     4. Click the “Create new volunteer hours” green button on the right
     5. Enter the hours and minutes and description
     6. Click the box that says you agree these hours are valid
     7. Click the “Submit hours for Review” green button at the bottom

For all questions about Volunteer Hours contact vicepresident@chattanoogaobedienceclub.org

Once you have your at least 8 volunteer hours logged and approved, when you register for a class you will see an option to "Use my Volunteer Hours." When you use this option, it will subtract 8 hours from your volunteer hour balance.
The class I want to take is not listed when I log in. What do I do?
IF you have met ALL prerequisites for the class, email the Training Director at trainingdirector@chattanoogaobedienceclub.org. IF you have NOT met all prerequisites, you will need to take those first. Please sign up for one of the prerequisites and plan to take the upper level course once you have completed all prerequisites. Thank you.
I am an instructor. How do I edit attendance for my students?
     1. Log in
     2. Go to your rosters
     3. click on the number under the “claimed attendance Hours” column
     4. This will open their attendance window and you can then delete any dates claimed that are not correct.
     5. You can also add dates by clicking the green “log hours” button on the top right
     6. Enter the date and click the green “update hours” button
How can I add other family members to my household membership?
     1. Invite a member of your household to join your OCC Household Membership.
          a. Log onto occclub.org and go to the "My Profile" section.
          b. Click on "Add Someone to your membership."
          c. Enter the invitee's email address and click the green "Send Invite" button.
          d. Let the invitee know that they should check their email for a message entitled "Invitation to join the Obedience Club of Chattanooga."
          e. Important: the invitee will need to complete Step 2 within 1 week of receiving the e-vite.

     2. Your Household Member will need to create their user profile.
          a. The invitee will need to click on the link in the email message and complete the Membership Registration form on our website.
              They will need to use a different email address than yours to create their OCC Profile.
          b. Once the invitee has submitted a Membership Registration, they will be able to log onto our website and do the following:
               1) Register their dog(s)
               2) Submit Medical Records for their dog(s)
               3) Sign up their dog(s) for classes (All Certificates of Completion will list the name of the registered owner)
               4) Renew your membership. When one Household member renews their Household Membership, it will be renewed for all Household Members.

When you log onto our website and go to "My Profile", you will be able to see the names of anyone who has registered as your Household Member.

Important Note: When an owner registers a dog, that dog's profile "belongs to" the registered owner. The registered owner is the only one who can submit the dog's medical records, sign the dog up for classes, and log class attendance. All class certificates will be printed under the name of the registered owner.

Please contact webmaster@chattanoogaobedienceclub.org if you have any questions; or if you would like us to change the registered owner of any dogs in your household from your name to theirs. Please note that your household member will need to submit their Membership Registration as described above in Step 2 before we can move any dogs' profiles under their name.
What is Key Club?
Key Club is a benefit of being an OCC Member. Household, Individual, or Associate Members ("Regular Members") in good standing may join the Obedience Key Club (to use the building) and/or Agility Key Club (to use the agility field) for the charge of $5/hour per member. If you have logged volunteer time on our website, you can also use your volunteer hours to "pay" for Key Club (1 hour of logged volunteer time = 1 hour of Key Club time). Key Club members may invite Student members to accompany them as their guests. Each guest must sign in and pay $5/hr (or use volunteer hours). All participating dogs must have up-to-date shot records on our website. Volunteer hours should be logged at least 3 days in advance to allow time for processing.

To join the Obedience Key Club (for use of the OCC building), please click here to download the Obedience Key Club Policy (or pick up a form in our office), sign a copy, and place it in the Training Director's wall pocket in the OCC Office.

To join the Agility Key Club (for use of the Agility Field), click here to download the Agility Key Club Policy (or pick up a form in our office), sign a copy, and place it in the Training Director's wall pocket in the OCC Office.

Once your application has been approved, our Training Director will contact you with the appropriate Key Club code(s). For more information, please contact our Training Director at trainingdirector@chattanoogaobedienceclub.org.
What are the different types of Membership?
Because we are a non-profit AKC Club, you must be a member to take classes.


  • Early Bird Registration
  • Discount on Registration Fees for MOST classes
  • Earn free classes by volunteering at our AKC trials, practice matches, classes, or other club activities. 8 volunteer hours equals 1 free class.
  • After paying for any 5 classes, you receive a considerable discount on all future classes: Most classes are just $55 for as long as you remain a member. (Please notify the Training Director when you sign up for your 5th class)
  • Voting rights [for Individual and Household Members]
  • Make friends with people who share your love of dogs.
  • Support our work in the community that helps dogs become good citizens and stay in forever homes.
Please note, in order to keep all benefits of regular membership, you must print a copy of your membership application, sign it, and turn it in at our monthly meeting or to one of your instructors within 2 months of becoming a member.

This option is for members who are only interested in taking OCC classes without any additional membership benefits. If you decide to upgrade to a Regular Membership, we will credit your $5.00 toward the Regular Membership dues.