Signing Up For Classes

In order to attend a class, all the steps listed below MUST be completed. Please do not just show up for a class. Spaces are limited. Thank you.

1. Become a Member.

  • Click on located in the Main Menu, and you will be sent to fill out a membership registration form. We offer 4 different types of membership. To learn more about our different memberships click here.
  • After completing the form, you will now be able to view your online profile. You can view your online profile by logging in and clicking on located in the top Main Menu bar.

2. Register Your Dogs.

  • Log in.
  • Go to your profile page by clicking on located in the top Main Menu bar.
  • Within your profile page, scroll down to Your Registered Dog(s)section. Click on
  • Fill out the form and submit.
    IMPORTANT: You will be given the option to upload your dog's vaccination records at this time. If you choose to not upload at this time, you must email, physically drop off, or upload you dog's vaccination records prior to the first day of class.
  • You should now see your dog listed under Your Registered Dog(s)
  • At any time you can update your dog's medical records by clicking the button. If you have multiple vaccination records to upload, simply repeat the edit process.

3. Sign Up For A Class.

  • Click on located in the top Main Menu bar.
  • Next, choose the Class Registration tab
  • A List of offered classes will displayed. If the class is open for registration there will be a button. If the class is not open for registration, Not Open will be displayed.
  • Click on
  • If you have a dog that meets all the class's prerequisites, then simply supply the dog to sign up, method of payment, and check the check box next to your acknowledgment that you agree to the class waiver.
    If you do not have any dogs that meet the class's prerequisite, you will see a display notifying you of this. If you feel this in part due to an error on our behalf, please contact us.