Helen Aiken

Instructor- AKC STAR Puppy

Dave Bennett


JoAnne Davis


She has a Husband and four dogs that share her life. Two American Staffordshire Terriers (Shawnee & Shaonia), one Boston Terrier (SayDee Belle), and a Springer Spaniel mix(Sophie). Chickens, goats and ducks are also present on their small farm.

JoAnne has grown up around animals all her life, dogs, cats, goats, chicken, pigs, horses, and ducks, to name a few. With her Mom as an avid animal rescuer, they always had animals in their life.

JoAnne has three Therapy Dogs. Shawnee and Sophie have been registered with Therapy Dog International (TDI) for three years. Shaonia is registered with Alliance Therapy Dogs (ATD) for about five months. They visit local hospitals, colleges and work with Hospice. They enjoy the response when people see them come for a visit. People are so happy to be able to pet, hold, talk to the dogs, and tell us about their pets.

JoAnne and Shawnee have also obtained the Beginner Novice Rally Title.

JoAnne teaches CGC (Canine Good Citizen) & Therapy Dog classes. She has assisted with the Beginner Obedience and Advance Puppy classes.

JoAnne believes that no life is complete without the joy, companionship, and love of a dog.

Sharen Fisher

"Sharen and her soft coated wheaten terrier are new to the dog training world. She joined OCC when she first moved to the south in fall of 2014 and became a Board Member soon after.

Sharen has been parenting her fur kids since she was a small child and dressed them in clothes and wheeled them in her doll carriages, buggies, and wagons. She brushed their teeth, taught them to eat off silverware, and play games with her. They even had parts in plays she wrote when she was in grade school. They were always considered weirdly well behaved by neighbors, friends and family.

Sharen always wanted her fur kids to go everywhere with her. So she decided they would have opportunities to be included in family events as much as possible when she grew up. Blending the parenting concept with several traditional and non-traditional training techniques has made that possible. She now wants to share her training and experience with others and OCC has afforded her that opportunity.

She has shared her life with a golden retriever, Pekingese, cocker spaniels, cock-a-poos, yorkies, cats, rats, hamsters, and a horse, (commonly referred to as the largest lap dog ever.) She currently parents a soft coated wheaten terrier, which has titles as a Champion, Grand Champion, Canine Good Citizen Advanced, Therapy Dog, Neutral dog for testing dogs for therapy work, and Rally Novice.

When not at OCC, Quinn and Sharen test and observe canines and humans to become Therapy Dog Teams as well as provide therapy to a variety of populations. They go on walks in the woods, play hide-n-seek, and cuddle a lot."

Elisha Gibson

Assistant Instructor

Julia Gregory

Julia Gregory has been a member of OCC since 1998 and has been training dogs since she went to obedience classes at age nine with her Great Dane. She has been owned in addition by two beagles, three Cardigan Welsh Corgis, a Ditch Dog and a pug (sort of).

Julia and her partners have earned titles in obedience, rally agility, and freestyle. She and her dogs have also dabbled in agility and herding. Julia is an AKC CGC evaluator and a Canine Freestyle Federation certified instructor.

Julia teaches AKC S.T.A.R. puppy class, Beginning Agility , and Freestyle. She has also served as OCC's president. "I believe that a happy dog-human relationship is based on treating a dog like a dog and not imposing our primate heritage on him. The human must be a strong leader who provides and protects. The dog wants to be a working pack member and if we don't give him a job, he'll invent one."

One of her dogs broke the world's record for running the longest human dog tunnel, 309 people long. Julia is an educator at the Tennessee Aquarium. In addition to dogs, her animal training experience includes elephants, sea lions, birds and horses.

Mary Lujan

Class Assistant

Linda Maddox


Linda started in performance when she got her first Bull Terrier and hasn’t looked back. Along with her Bull Terriers, Linda has obtained performance titles with an Irish Setter, Boxer and Border Collie. She is currently readying her Russell Terrier, Ellis, for agility.

Linda’s first dog, Stella, was one of the first Bull Terriers to earn a CGC and become a registered therapy dog. Her dog Sawyer was the first, and to date, only Bull Terrier to earn a Rally Advanced Excellent title. He was also her first agility dog. During his career he earned upper level titles in several venues, qualified for the AKC Invitational twice and the NADAC Nationals. At the end of his career he was AKC’s Number 1 Bull Terrier. His sister Emily, also had a successful career. She too earned upper level Rally and Agility titles and qualified for the NADAC Nationals. They both earned the Bull Terrier Club of America’s Versatility Award and Versatility Excellent Award and Sawyer was awarded the Outstanding Performance Award---which has only been given to two other dogs.

Along with Agility, Linda’s other passion is therapy work with her canine partners. To date, she has logged well over a thousand hours visiting nursing homes, hospitals, schools, to name but a few.

Since becoming a member of OCC in 2004, Linda has taught a variety of class, from BBB to Obedience and is currently volunteering her time to help develop and promote the new Agility Curriculum. She has spent many years training with some of the top instructors in GA, AL, TN and takes online classes and seminars in an effort to keep up with the latest training techniques. She is one of two AKC ACT Evaluators at OCC, a CGC evaluator, a Therapy Dog International Evaluator and has written articles for the publications, “The Canine Chronicle” and “Front and Finish”.

Kat Melvin

Assistant Instructor

Pamela Moore

Laurena Morehead

Assistant Instructor

Jamie Morgan


Jamie started agility 10 years ago with her rescue poodle Beau at the suggestion of a very wise instructor because Beau was very timid and the hope was that it would give Beau confidence. Many titles later, it’s safe to say that it worked! Beau is still successfully playing the game, but now for the love of the game and not the competition.
Jamie has a pack of poodles at home, and several are agility stars. Remi is a multi-venue, multi-sport title holder and loves to play agility. He thinks there should be a class that is just teeters and tunnels! The current focus for Remi is Master level in AKC working towards PACH, but they enjoy playing in other venues as well. Knox is the up and coming star of the house, he quickly is moving up the ranks in AKC and also enjoys playing in other venues.
In addition to regular local classes, Jamie trains with Beth Willingham, Kristy Netzer, had done online class with Karen Holik (One Mind Dog), Knox was chosen to be a demo puppy on Daisy Peel’s puppy blog “Developing the Dance”, Jamie and the boys currently are members of Agility Nation, and Daisy Peel’s Agility Challenge group. Jamie is also one of our AKC ACT evaluators.
Jamie believes that a solid foundation is the best way to secure a fun, safe, and long career in agility and whether you’re doing agility for recreation or competitively, strong foundation skills, continuing handler education, and training are a must!

Jamie Morris

Assistant Instructor

Stephanie Moss

Mikayla Oglesby

Class Assistant

Alyssa Partlo

Agility Foundations class instructor

Amy Schmidt

Agility Foundations instructor

Fay Taylor


A little Toy Manchester Terrier, "Toby", was Fay Taylor's first dog, a gift from her parents when she was 8 years old. Having memorized a little "How to Train Your Dog" booklet, she began on Toby. He became the neighborhood star - the only dog around that could sit, stay, go to box, go to kitchen, come, and lie down.

Over the years Fay and her husband, George, have owned, trained, and shown numerous breeds including Toy Manchesters, Bulldogs, Dachshunds, American Eskimo Dogs, West Highland White Terriers, Great Danes, Shetland Sheepdogs, a Greyhound, a Rat Terrier, an Australian Shepherd, a Rat Terrier and several mixed breeds.

Fay's dogs have been awarded four 4 Rally Excellent Titles, Two Obedience Utility Titles; The American Manchester Terrier Club Hall of Fame; Agility Excellent Jumpers and Open Standard; Canine Freestyle Federation Level IV and a Level II Brace (the first brace ever awarded by CFF); 3 Beginner Novice; 3 Pre Novice; 6 CGC's and 2 CGCA's; 2 Therapy Dog International certifications; 1 AKC Therapy Dog Novice title and 1 Conformation Champion. Fay is an AKC certified CGC Evaluator. She makes numerous Therapy Dog Visits to Nursing Homes and schools.

As a member of the Obedience Club of Chattanooga she has served as an officer, been on the Board of Directors, and taught classes in Obedience, Rally, Freestyle, and Star Puppy.

Fay and George live on Signal Mountain where she is the librarian for the Signal Mountain Presbyterian Church. They have two daughters and a son, all of whom live in Chattanooga or Signal Mountain.

Katherine Taylor-Worth

Katherine Taylor-Worth grew up surrounded by dogs of all sorts and sizes. As a small child, her parents had a kennel behind the house in which they bred and raised bulldogs. As time went on, and they ceased breeding bulldogs, the kennel runs in the back filled with a variety of dogs from neighborhood strays to Westies to Dachshunds. Her first clear memories, though, were of sharing the house with a Great Dane, named Duchess, and a Toy Manchester, named Brandy. Then, later, there was another Great Dane, named Summer. Summer was the first dog that she trained, and she remembers going to the Obedience Club of Chattanooga when it was meeting at the Armory in order to work with Summer.

In 2008, Katherine returned to Chattanooga. She began working at Play Dog Excellent, and she also joined OCC. At that time, she adopted her dog Hal, as well, taking Hal from Julia, who is Hal’s foster Mom. In the time since, Hal has earned a CD and RE and has taught the entire household that SQUIRRELS ARE EVIL, of which fact the household was dangerously unaware, as Hal explains daily. More recently, Stoner, a greyhound from the Birmingham racetrack, has also joined the family, and he has become a fiend for doing weaves on the agility field, though he is constantly attempting to explain how much FASTER he could go without all those obstacles in the way.

In the last few years, Katherine has taught Beginner Obedience I and II. She believes that most dogs learn best when given the opportunity to learn through positive reinforcement and that behavior problems are usually the result of poor communication between the canine and his human family, not intractable stupidity, stubbornness, or malice on the dog’s part.

Savannah Thomas

Class Assistant

Diana Thompson

Class Assistant

Debbie Tuthill

Debbie Tuthill has been a member of OCC since 2005. She began doing agility with her Brittany, Amber, when she was just a puppy. Brittany’s are well known for having lots of energy, so she wanted to do something with her that would be great exercise for Amber and herself. Now Debbie owns three Brittany’s: Amber 13, Josie 5, and Ginger who is 10 months old.

Debbie and her pups have earned many Agility titles. She is currently competing with Amber (“just for fun” due to Amber’s advanced age and health issues), and Josie is competing at the novice level. Ginger will start competing when she reaches 18 months of age.

Debbie has been an instructor with OCC for several years. She currently teaches Debbie Tuthill Agility at OCC. She and has taught agility skills at all levels to many handlers with dogs of all breeds. To people who say “my dog could never do that,” Debbie always replies: “Do you walk your dog? Do you run with your dog? Do you play with your dog? Then yes, with the right training you too can do agility.”
Debbie tells her students that the bond that grows between handler and dog is something incredible and very special. She says: “I never realized the strength of that bond until I started doing agility. Now Amber is aware of and reacts to every move I make.”

Debbie works full time as a Human Resource Consultant with EBS Consulting in Chattanooga, TN.

Sue Van Buren

Jan Webster

BBB Class Assistant

Carol Wetzel

Carol Wetzel has been a member of OCC since 2000 and was training director from 2005-2015. Dobermans(Jenny, Heide, and Casey) are her breed of choice, but along the way she has rescued a Labrador Retriever(Molly) and an Australian Cattle Dog mix(Riley).This group has earned titles in canine good citizen, obedience, and rally.
She believes that all dogs need to know the basic commands to be good canine citizens and therefore have the best chance to stay in a forever home with responsible owners.

Carol has taught Advanced Puppy Obedience, Beginner Obedience 1 & 2, and Canine Good Citizen.

She is retired, lives on Signal Mountain, and is an avid gardener.

Stacey Whited

Instructor - BBB

Beth Willingham - Guest Instructor

Beth Willingham, a Canine Behavior Specialist, has been involved with dogs her entire life. She has owned, trained and shown numerous breeds in Obedience, Agility, and Retriever trials. Over the past 30 years, Beth has honed her training skills through the study of animal behavior and training with some of the top animal specialists in the world. Beth developed training curriculum currently in use across the United States. In addition to training her own dogs, Beth teaches group classes, private lessons, seminars, and consults with families whose dogs have problem behaviors. Beth currently shares her life with three Golden Retrievers, a Schipperke, a Havanese, and numerous farm animals.

Tim Woodbury

A lifelong nomad, Tim Woodbury moved to Chattanooga in 2015, where he lives with his Boxer, Rikku. He joined OCC in 2016, and currently teaches Puppy Agility and Obedience. Tim uses positive, choice-based conditioning to help owners develop healthy, loving partnerships with their dogs.

Kathryn Woods - Guest Instructor